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Bert McNair was born at Tisdale, Saskatchewan. He was a teacher and educational administrator in school systems in three Canadian provinces, a Teachers College in Papua New Guinea, and First Nation schools in Northern Saskatchewan. He and his wife live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.

Bert was born and raised on the rural Saskatchewan prairies, yet he considers himself a townsman after exploring the wilderness of four Canadian cities. He is definitely a Westerner, a plainsman. “Because we live with so much space, we are basically lonely people.”

He is an institutional man with a vocation in education, attending rural grade school and town high school, surviving college and university, and returning to the schools as teacher, consultant, and administrator. “The kids keep us young, the teachers keep us busy, and the principals keep us honest.”

UNDER THE LIVING SKIES is Bert’s story, a family story, the story we all have inside us.